The Girl Who Laughs Too Much

Do you realize that every time you smile or laugh you are creating paths for your future wrinkles. Well bring it on.

This one goes out to the girl that laughs too much.


She laughs when she’s tired for no reason other than to amuse herself.

She laughs when she’s sad because she doesn’t want to feel sadness in her heart.

When someone says a joke and she doesn’t find it funny, she will laugh any way.

That pivotal moment, when you feel your insides tightening and your breathing becomes so shallow and almost non existent, trying to hold back the tears from streaming down her cheeks and yup you guessed it, she laughs instead.

The girl who can’t lip read so when she doesn’t understand what you are saying she will just laugh because she knows she has no idea what you said. And to her that is funny.

When she wakes up in the mornings, puts her headphones on and is singing the roof off the house waking her flat mates with her laughs, welcoming the new day.

To the girl who never gets asked if she’s ok because she’s always wearing that bright happy smile and everything in her life seems so smooth because she’s always laughing.

Have you ever stopped to see or wonder if there is anything behind that smile or laugh.

Maybe she’s hiding behind it.

Maybe it really is pure happiness.

Yes, it actually can be both. But don’t be fooled.

Her laugh is so loud and infectious that you can’t help but adore and admire her as she is in HER moment of joy or weirdness that sometimes only she understands.

If you ask her why she is laughing, she won’t have an answer. She will simply just give you a smile and say why not.

She laughs when she’s on her way to work with her best friend jamming 90’s music as loud as they can.

She laughs when she’s nervous, when she’s confronted and anxious.

Sometimes, most of the time, laughing is her coping mechanism just to get through that awkward moment, the misunderstandings or because she feels so damn happy.

And you know what, it works.

It works for her and it can work for you. Try it. I dare you.

You might feel silly or crazy but I bet it will ignite a flame so deep inside your soul that feels so damn good.

It will make you want to keep laughing because laughing can be contagious.

She wants to spread her joy to rest of the world or just the person who witnesses her laughing.

Laughing is her soul on fire. Her passions singing and her personality shining so brightly.

Don’t EVER dim her light. Don’t EVER make fun of her laughter. For that will be like stabbing her dreams and innocence.

Love her, join her and unite in her warmth.

For that is her journey, her every day her life.

Paving the way for future wrinkles which will one day tell her story, her journey and the way her laughs bestowed courageously upon those who were lucky enough to ever bare witness.

Her laugh = Her Love.


Love, Gypsea xx