Bali Adventures

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La Laguna Sunset


There is so much to experience, see & explore in Bali. I can definitely say I will without a doubt be returning. My bff Jess & I set off to Bali only to capture a taste of what its beautiful culture, people & surreal landscapes have to offer.

Day 1.

We were greeted in Bali walking amongst a sea of humans in search of our driver, plus a welcoming smack of a heat wave in our face and instant sweat. HELLO VACAY!!

We fell in love with Bali from the start, our drive to our first Private Villa in Canggu (booked on absolutely caught our hearts. Even though it was the middle of the night, we just knew we were in for an amazing experience.

After a much needed shower and sleep, up we rose, hired a scooter through our hosts and set of to explore. Much to our surprise we found the beach not far down the road plus the well known Finns Beach Club. We also set off to venture to Kuta which was meant to be approx. 1 hour away ended up taking us half the day. Traffic was a nightmare. But it was a good way for us to get a feel for the area. A few chilled Bintang’s later accompanied by some poolside tanning, we had a great first day exploring.

Day 2.

At 1am we were waiting outside our drive way in the drizzling rain to be picked up. Drove 2 hours away through passing patches of pouring rain to arrive in the middle of what felt like no where to start our hike up Mt Batur. Just us and our guide, a head torch each and walking sticks, we hiked 2 hours through pure darkness + vertically up the mountain. It was most definitely a challenge which pushed us individually to our deepest strengths. But the sunrise we ultimately came for was out of this world. Completely magical. Blew our expectations way out. While our minds and souls were being filled by the spectacular views, our guide was dishing us up hot chocolates and a well deserved meal from the summit.

File 5-04-17, 3 32 04 AM
Top Of The Sacred Volcano Mt. Batur 1717m Above Sea Level

hot chocsFile 5-04-17, 4 36 52 AMFile 5-04-17, 4 35 43 AM

Went to dinner at my favourite restaurant in the world to date… La Laguna. A gypsies absolute DREAM. A definite MUST place to visit. Very romantic, full of flowers, fairy lights, vines paired with a stunning sunset view on the beach.

Day 4.

We made our way to UBUD! Again absolutely in awe of our accommodation. Situated in the jungle, swinging beds hung from the ceilings, our own private place built completely out of bamboo. No windows {bare curtains}, rice paddocks and the musical sounds of the jungle was like music for our souls. It felt like nature was putting on a show for us.

bamboo houseBali WineFile 5-04-17, 3 39 41 AMFile 5-04-17, 3 47 03 AM

We hired a driver for our entire time in Ubud, who became a good friend of ours. He took us anywhere and everywhere we wanted. We spent most of the time finding hidden + sacred temples and waterfalls only locals knew of, plus tasting local delicacies. Some of these I will keep a secret because I believe in keeping them pure and as untouched as possible from tourism. Some things are best kept for the unknown to discover for yourselves, makes it more special that way.

We also spent some time checking out the Tegallalang Rice Terraces, Coffee & Poo tasting and hanging out with Monkey’s at the Monkey Forrest & Temple.

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Day 5.

Not wanting to leave Ubud, we carried on our way to stay in Seminyak. Seminyak consisted of new tattoo’s, walking around and falling asleep instead of clubbing haha. Our very last night ended up with cocktails on the beach for sunset at La Plancha, unintentionally getting drunk and grabbing a box of Bintang’s on our way to the airport with our new friends. Aaaaahhhhh Bali. Can’t wait for Bali Part 2.

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I hope you enjoyed this read & it made you want to go check out Bali. Keep an eye out for my video I will be posting soon. X