Questions You Might Be Scared To Ask Your Flight Attendant

Can I ask for food at any time? 


Food on your flight will either be catered to you if it is inclusive in your ticket purchase, especially if it is a long haul flight. Or you may have to pay extra on the flight to receive any meals. This does differentiate between the airlines as they obviously have different guidelines. Your ticket may include meals, they may not or you may have pre selected your meal online when you booked your flight.

Can I move from Economy to another class if there are spare seats available once I am on the flight?

Generally No.

I do believe this is a thing of the past. Nowadays airlines are quite strict on where you are seated. If you have paid for economy or business for example, that is where you stay. Sometimes you can use frequent flyer points to get upgrades however, this usually needs to be pre arranged at least 24hours before the flight. If you do happen to get a last minute upgrade then well done to you. Someone is looking after you 🙂

Can I get up and go to the bathroom whenever I want to?


From a flight Attendants perspective, going to the bathroom during a meal service is the worst possible time you could go. Can you imagine when we are trying to feed 100-300+ passengers in a timely manner, and you want us to stop everything, move the cart all the way to the end of the aisle and back again just so you can go to the bathroom at that exact moment. And then expect us to do it again when you come back to your seat lol Come on guys. I know this doesn’t seem like much of a big deal but when this happens to us quite frequently, you can imagine how annoying it must feel 😛

Can I push the call bell whenever I want to?


The call bell is there for you to get your flight attendant’s attention. Whether this is for a medical emergency, a simple question like, “do you have a pen?” or you are wanting snacks or a drink. Please do not feel afraid to call us in the middle of the night (long haul) when you think we are sleeping. Believe me, we are not sleeping. We are happy to come to your attention, and really you will be helping us stay awake more than anything. In saying that, please do respect and understand that we may also be attending 20 other call bells at the same time so please give us a few minutes if we have not come to you straight away as we are most likely busy dealing with other passenger requests.

Can I ask for an extra pillow?


Most long haul flights, again depending on which airline you fly with, will offer blankets and pillows. You may ask for them however you will only be allowed extra if there is enough for everyone else. Some flights only have enough for half of the passengers and some have one for every passenger. My point being, don’t be afraid to ask. The worst they will say is no.

Can I visit my friends or family members who may be in another zone/cabin?

Yes and No.

This again will vary amongst the airlines. If it is within the same category aka Business or Economy, then generally yes that is fine. However, if you are wanting to go in to a completely different area than usually this will not be allowed. In some cases, you can ask your flight attendant and they may allow you to be there for a certain amount of time as long as you do not disrupt the other passengers around you.

Can I move seats if I see a spare one in my zone?


For take off and landing, you must remain in your allocated seat due to weight optimism on the plane plus various other reasons. You have been put in that seat for a reason. Once the seat belt sign goes off, you are usually then free to move about in the cabin.

Enjoy the experience and journey, don’t take flying so seriously. Have fun and have an unforgettable chat to the stranger next to you or to your flight attendant. We won’t bite hehe.